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The Anbotux cofounders are part of the Solaiemes team that developed the first API to create Chatbots for RCS technology in 2010 when it was difficult to pitch during the app-hype. Now we are starting-up again with a new product to fuel the Chatbot & customer care revolution! 

You can see the entire team linkedin profiles here


Anbotux has been funded initially for the co-founders and founding staff. Now, with a commercial product is looking for a seed VC investment for the commercialization phase and speed-up the roadmap developement. 


Currently Anbotux is testing interoperability with customer-care and chatbot vendors to establish partnerships. Soon to be announced. 


1st commercial version of Anbotux was commercial since mid March'18 when business developement and presales activities started, we are progressing with some prospects and soon we will announce references. Be patient, B2B software market :-) 

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