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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. Anbotux combines different information sources to study the customer behaviour and prepare initial user profiling that could help to build your Chatbot. It could be very helpful start analyzing previous customer-care access history and detecting customer segmentation patterns and also test the external context impacts in the previous customer base access to customer care channels (office, web, mobile web, apps, etc). Anbotux is customer-journey, the emphasis in chatbots is to add for them also UX personalization. The content personalization is totally agnostic for whatever channel.

The segmentation of customers could have a few comment segments (age, language, education level, location, generalistic client-tier) but lots of particular segmentation possibilities related to the specific vertical in which the enterprise operates. I.e. Airlines could segmentate the customer according to the number of flights taken, percentage of delays suffered, seat preferences while banks could add additional classification on wealth, income, mortgage status, types of investment, etc. Then, the Anbotux platform web tool allows to easily define the segmentation needed for your company and also try with different tiering o segments.

The privacy of the end-customer data is key and Anbotux philosophy is to identify the customer record as a code that only knows the enterprise, pseudonymisation, and could be different from personal public identifiers. Find more about the Anbotux approach for GDPR (and related in other countries regulation) here

An external context is whatever phenomena that could potentially impact in the customer behaviour modifying the probability of a customer-care interaction. Each enterprise using Anbotux could easily define an external context (example: its own stock evolution) and assignining daily a value (ordinal from bad to good) as a way to normalize whatever context in a similar way to apply Statistics/AI/ML techniques.

You may see a video explaining this topic

Anbotux is using a NoSQL database, MongoDB, as it matches the needs of the platforms and has been accreditted in many potential customers for Anbotux as Banks, Airlines, Insurance companies, telcos, etc in order to easy the licensing with full support of database.

The initial features include:

    - Chatbot & other channel metrics collection and visualization.

    - Chatbot personalization advice API for chatbot developers.

    - Data feeding APIs (Customer Info, Chatbot developers, other CRM interactions & External Contexts API).

    - Customer segment enterprise defined configuration.

    - CRM channels enterprise defined.

    - External contexts to be evaluated enterprise defined.

    - Chatbot A/B agnostic testing (chatbot vendor independent).

    - New UX Look&Feel based on VUE technology.

    - Cloud based offering.

    - API exposure using WS2O.

    - Customer-Journey analytics.

    - Machine Learning external context impact evaluation on customer-segments and individual users

    - Machine Learning customer segment pattern detection.

    - Intent flow visual analysis.

    - SaaS version. (available as sandbox for prospect customer & partners). Commercial next Q4’18.-

Anbotux is offered as a product/service combination with a setup fee and a monthly rate to help with the integration and consultancy about potential use cases and the inmediate deployment of new features being developed according to the roadmap. This way also allows to create a collaborative roadmap prioritization according with additional needs collected by the initial customers.

Yes, we are planning a SaaS model in Q4'2018 to extend the benefits of using Anbotux to SMEs and big companies preferring an easy try & buy mechanish to evaluate the solution. The SaaS pricing model will be based in the number of segmentation and context variables and the amount of end-users analyzed.

Currently the SaaS is available as sandbox for potential partners and prospect customers. Read more here.                     

Yes, Anbotux is actively looking for partnerships with Chatbot companies as initially we opted for not reinventing the wheel and there are a lot of chatbot companies doing very well, we opted to extend the possibilities of chatbots (helping to analyze better the end-customer base and helping to create better personalization) with a cooperative approach. We are offering a competitive margin for partners.

Yes, of course, Anbotux is eager to partner with messaging apps and telcos launching RCS to offer cloud based customer intelligenge tools for enterprises. We will be exhibiting in the Mobile World Congress 2018 presenting this approach for partnering with telcos and messaging apps.

Please, drop us a a few lines here with your question and we will contact you back shortly?

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