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Customer Intelligence & Analytics platform.
The "Customer Behaviour/Mindset Understanding" box for chatbot era.

Chatbots are here. Finally there is an alternative way to access to a myriad of services complementary to the web and the apps. Amazing messaging apps are starting to offer APIs to create this application-to-person interaction. Our aim is to offer a common tool to understand the user behaviour / Mindset and improve the chatbot experience (UX & content) and other digital channels (content based on behavior)

Anbotux is a Customer Intelligence & Analytics platform to take the most of bots to help to understand the customer behaviour and motivations and reuse those info to help to personalize the Chatbot (and other digital channels) interaction.

chatbot architecture diagram
Anbotux platform is a powerful system combining different info sources helping enterprises to understant and predict the customer needs and improving the customer care personalizing the exisiting or new chatbot. With Anbotux it will be very easy to analyze the impact of chatbot channel in the overall use of customer-enterprise interaction and the impact in the pre-existing channel, and it will be studied per customer segment range to define different campaigns if needed. Also it is possible to measure the impact of external phenomena in the customer care interaction usage and help to predict future needs.

Whatever Chatbot development company can easily use or API to improve the usefullness of their solution and help their customers to make the chatbot the mainstream self-service customer care method. Also companies planning to deploy a chatbot can use Anbotux to evaluate the starting point and have a better picture about the customer base patterns with the historical user of customer care channels. See videodemo below  

Anbotux platform in action

Learn more about the role of external context and how Anbotux models them and extract costumer information to add empathy to the interactions.

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